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Nobel Peace Prize Forum seeks grad student for volunteer position to help develop course activities as part of the Forum

We need a grad student (or an exceptional undergrad) to:
Help us compile a "library" of scholarly materials for professors who wish to incorporate the NPPF into their courses. This would involve researching scholarly writings/speeches/etc by and about:
* FW de Klerk;
* the legal, business, artistic, educational, scientific, policy consequences in South Africa (and around the world?) of Mr. de Klerk's work/writings/speeches
* the topic "The Price of Peace." Which scholars have written/researched/opined about the price of peace? what have they said?

Maureen K. Reed, MD reedm(at)augsburg.edu
Executive Director, Nobel Peace Prize Forum http://nobelpeaceprizeforum.org/
c/o Augsburg College
2211 Riverside Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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