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Senior Research & Advocacy Specialist for TJP (Cape Town, South Africa)

Please forward a covering letter and CV to Lisa Lazarus llazarus(at)icon.co.za

Deadline for applications is Monday 22nd August 2011.

Crossposted from the Transitional Justice Listserv and Peace and Collaborative Development Network

Transitional Justice Programme, (TJP) Cape Town

2-year contract

The CSVR works to understand and prevent violence, heal its effects and build sustainable peace locally, continentally and globally. TJP engages in various research, intervention and advocacy projects seeking to explore the relationship between conflicts of the past, reconciliation, violence prevention and justice. CSVR is currently engaged in regional projects aimed at influencing TJ policy developments at the national and continental level. A key component of this work focuses on working with the African Union and local African NGOs to build institutional capacity to engage with TJ policy.

We are currently looking for a researcher / advocacy specialist to drive this process and with the following:-

· Extensive research experience (desktop, field study research skills, editing and management of commissioned research)
· Extensive training and facilitation skills
· Expertise and experience working with the African Union, regional economic communities and SADC relating to human rights, TJ, peace; and international conventions and institutions dealing with TJ
· Strong leadership, fundraising and project management skills
· Experience in collaborating, building and maintaining relationships with multilateral institutions and state policy makers, other international and national NGOs working on TJ on the continent
· Experience in undertaking legal and policy analysis at national and regional level
· Advanced writing & advocacy skills at the regional/international level
· Knowledge of French will be an advantage

The position requires an individual who works well in a collaborative setting, is willing to travel extensively in Africa, supports the core values of CSVR and is committed to learning.

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