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UNDP procurement notices Rwanda

see http://www.undp.org.rw/Procurement%20Notices.html

We are sending this to you in the hope that you can share as widely as possible to conflict prevention/transformation networks, groups and individual practitioners who may be interested in applying. Qualified women candidates are especially encouraged to apply. We thank you for your assistance in helping to recruit qualified candidates for this important assignment.

Please be aware that a procurement announcement has been posted seeking a team of consultants, consisting of national and international team members, to undertake a qualitative study that would improve the understanding of the findings of the recent Rwanda Reconciliation Barometer and to recommend programmatic responses. The application deadline is 6 September2011.

Scroll down to the 13th item entitled:

Request for Proposal -RFP-57139-2011-006_Analytical Study on Previous critical findings in Rwanda Reconciliation Barometer

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