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HHH 2nd Yr students: global policy capstone for 2011-2012 begins Sept

HHH students (you do not need to be global policy concentrators):
The capstone in global policy will be offered again in 2011-2012. Please read the course description below carefully and note that some requirements are to be completed in the fall term.

Projects available for 2011-2012 will be announced in early September (watch Global Notes for the announcement).

Last year 5 teams (23 students total) worked for the following NGOs:

The American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA) http://www.araha.org/
Cason Family Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative http://conservancy.umn.edu/handle/107535
Center for Victims of Torture http://www.cvt.org/
OneVillage Partners http://www.onevillagepartners.org/
Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia (SMNE) http://www.solidaritymovement.org/

Course information:
PA 5990 Topics: Public Affairs--General Topics 36182 -002 LEC , 04:40 P.M. - 07:10 P.M. , Tu (09/06/2011 - 12/14/2011) , HHHCtr 15 , TCWESTBANK , Gray,Sherry , Capstone in Global Public Policy , No Grade Associated , 0 credits , This course is a required, zero-credit preparation course for PA 8081 Capstone in Global Public Policy that will be offered in Spring 2012 semester. Students who wish to fulfill their professional paper requirement through a capstone, team-based project working for a public or nonprofit organization on a global policy issue in Spring 2012 must register for this course. Students also must register for PA5080 Capstone Preparation Workshop in Fall 2011 (1 credit hour).

Capstone projects will be available for student team formation in September 2011.

Some classes, team meetings, and capstone client meetings will be held fall semester.

Permission of instructor required.

Contact Sherry Gray for more information.

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