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Teach for China Fellows program, 2 years in under-resourced schools

for more information see http://www.tfchina.org/becoming-fellow

The next deadline is Friday, September 30 at 11:59pm ET.

Teach for China seeks Fellows - from all backgrounds and career interests - who will excel in the classroom and become future leaders. We are looking for recent graduates as well as working professionals to serve for a two-year Fellowship in China's most under-resourced schools.

Teach For China is a member of Teach For All, a global network of organizations that recruit, select, train, place, and support top university graduates to expand educational opportunity to communities and students in need. Data collected over the past 20 years from our most experienced Teach For All partner, Teach For America, demonstrates that successful teachers have a track record of leadership and achievement. Leaders in the classroom also have the drive and talent to become leaders in society.

Following two years of service, with the conviction and insight gained through their teaching experience, Teach For China alumni form a powerful new leadership force to enact the necessary societal changes that will ensure educational opportunity for all.

We are building a network of Teach For China alumni - passionate educators with classroom experience - who will actively effect systemic change from a variety of career platforms following the Fellowship program. In order to achieve this goal, Teach For China actively recruits Fellows who will perform as impact-driven leaders inside and outside the classroom.

There is no single definition of leadership. Leaders may demonstrate achievement in different ways through a variety of academic, professional, extracurricular, or volunteer experiences. For this reason, we assess applicants holistically by using the following selection criteria:

* Demonstrated leadership potential and a record of past achievement
* Perseverance in overcoming challenges
* Strong critical thinking skills
* Exceptional communications skills (Chinese language skills are considered an asset)
* Proven organizational skills
* Flexibility and resilience when faced with the rigors of living in under-resourced communities
* Humility and respect for the frustrations and rewards of cross-cultural living and learning
* Self-starter initiative and the ability to influence and motivate others
* A demonstrated commitment to non-profit and/or education work


All applicants for the 2012 Fellowship class must hold a Bachelor's degree by July 2012 and speak fluent English.

To apply for the 2012 Fellowship, you will need to fill out the Teach For China application with:

* Personal, academic, and/or professional information
* Two short-answer essays
* Short survey

To learn more about the admissions process, find out about Teach For China events near you, or speak with a member of our team, please contact recruiting@tfchina.org.

Before you begin the US application process, please verify that you are eligible to apply for the 2012 Teaching Fellowship.

* I will have a college degree by July 2012
* I speak fluent English
* I am a US citizen or hold a degree from a US university

Applying to the Fellowship

I am a Chinese national attending university or living in the United States. How should I apply?

If you are currently studying or living in the United States, you should complete the US application form. We will process your application in the United States, and you will interview with the US Recruiting Team. All Chinese citizens who pass screening in either the United States or China will be considered Chinese Fellows.

I am a Chinese national attending university or living abroad (not in the United States). How should I apply?

If you are a Chinese citizen currently residing abroad and not in the United States, you should complete the Chinese application form. Applications from Chinese nationals who are located outside of China and the United States will be processed by the Chinese Recruiting Team and interviews will be conducted via phone. All Chinese citizens will be considered Chinese Fellows.

I am neither a US nor a Chinese citizen. Can I still apply to be a TFC Fellow?

If you attend or have attended university in the United States, you are absolutely eligible to apply for the Teach For China Fellowship. US or Chinese citizenship is not a requirement, although holding a university degree from China or the US is required for applicants who are not citizens of either country. International applicants who are eligible for the Fellowship should apply using the US application form. Applications from international applicants will be processed by the US Recruiting Team and all non-Chinese Fellows will be considered US Fellows.

I am a non-Chinese citizen currently located in China (or elsewhere abroad). How should I apply?

All non-Chinese applicants should apply using the US application form. Applications will be processed by the US Recruiting Team.

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