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HHH students, note new course on presenting policy information with numbers

PA 5920 Skills Workshop: Telling Compelling Policy Stories with Numbers
This class is about presenting quantitative information in effective ways.

The class is built as a follow-up of Empirical Analysis, an important tool for Capstones and Professional papers, but most important, a practical tool for your career development.
The lectures will discuss some of the theories and elements of graphs and tables design, but an important portion of the classes will be practical; learning how to
create tables, graphs and organize data using Excel.

Presenting information is a crucial skill for professional development in public policy. Whether working on a small NGO or big federal agency, probably all Humphrey alumni have to deal with presenting data at some point of their careers. Being able to summarize and create compelling and honest charts is almost as indispensable as good
writing; an effective chart or table can make an argument for itself, and visualizing the right information is central to make decisions.

This course is designed to teach you how to use data to support your arguments. Almost any public policy topic has public or private data available for analysis. Being able recognize which data to use and know how to present it can make your arguments stronger and your message to stick.

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