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Monday reminder: Rep. Keith Ellison speaking at Medical Teams Intern'l Event Libya humanitarian issues

Monday, October 10, 2011 10-11:30 a.m. libya flyer 9-30-2011.pdf
Please RSVP by Oct. 6: Libyarsvp(at)medicalteams.org or call 763.331.0023.
Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, 301 19th Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 55455

Medical Teams International is a Christian global health organization working to demonstrate the love of Christ to people affected by disaster, conflict and poverty around the world. Since 1979, we have sent more than 2,100 volunteer teams and shipped more than $1.4 billion in lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to care for 25 million people in 100 countries.

The Needs in Libya
Since war began in Libya, Medical Teams International has worked closely with the Libyan-American communities in Minnesota and throughout the U.S. to meet health needs inside Libya. This collaboration has provided more than $3 million in medicines, supplies and several volunteer medical teams.

Professor Cyrus Bina, University of Minnesota, Morris
Prof. Bina is author of the new book Oil: A Time Machine--Journey Beyond Fanciful Economics and Frightful Politics. A prominent political economist, Bina's work on the transformation and globalization of oil first appeared in The Economics of the Oil Crisis (1985) and then expanded through numerous articles in scholarly and policy journals across the globe. He has co-edited two major volumes on completely diverse subjects, Modern Capitalism and Islamic Ideology in Iran (1991) and Wage Labor in the Late Twentieth Century (1996). Bina writes and speaks on post-revolutionary Iran and the nature of Middle Eastern conflict. In addition, he is a scholar of labor relations and social movements around the globe.

Featured Speakers.

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.)
Keith Ellison has represented the Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota in the U.S. House of Representatives since taking office on Jan. 4, 2007. Keith's philosophy is one of "generosity and inclusiveness."

Jamal Tarhuni, a Libyan-American businessman from Portland, Ore., serves as a board member on the Libyan Council of North America, and Member of its Humanitarian and Relief Committee. See http://libyancouncilna.org/lcna-info/about-lcna for more information. He has volunteered with Medical Teams International and taken supplies into Libya.

Bas Vanderzalm, president of Medical Teams International, has served with Christian organizations, caring for people in need and traveling to 70 countries for the past 35 years. Bas has served as the president of Medical Teams International since 1997. He currently oversees several hundred staff members and thousands of volunteers who work with local partners to carry out the mission of Medical Teams International in the U.S. and around the world.

This forum is organized by Medical Teams International and co-sponsored by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Minnesota International Center, and the Minnesota International NGO Network.

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