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UMN 2 wk course on sustainability & corporate social responsibility in Denmark & Sweden designed for faculty, NGO & gov't professionals

PDIB Scandinavia--Sustainability and CSR Denmark and Sweden

The University of Minnesota CIBER and Robert Strand, Ph.D. Fellow at the Copenhagen Business School Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR) will lead a 10-12 day Professional Development in International Business (PDIB) program designed to showcase sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in Denmark and Sweden. Tentative travel destinations include Copenhagen, Denmark and Goteborg, Sweden.

Why Scandinavia?
* Scandinavian countries have demonstrated the strongest and most balanced macro economic, environmental, and societal performances in the world.
* Scandinavian corporations are disproportionately well represented in the major sustainability and CSR performance indicators.
* Scandinavian scholars have made significant contributions to the concepts of sustainability, CSR, and stakeholder theories.
* The "Scandinavian Cooperative Advantage" offers a model for shifting strategic mindsets toward the cooperative strategic posture necessary for creating shared value.

Who will benefit from participating?
* Professionals engaged in sustainability and CSR efforts who wish to draw best practices from the leading region in the world.
* U.S. higher education faculty, especially if you seek to internationalize your curricula and deepen your exposure to international business practices.
* Government and non-governmental (NGO) professionals who wish to collaborate with industry to address pressing environmental and social issues.

What will I gain from the program?
* Access to world-leading Scandinavian corporations and practitioners to discuss progressive sustainability and CSR strategies.
* Exposure to contemporary research on sustainability and CSR issues from Scandinavia.
* Awareness of sustainability and CSR practices in Scandinavia--you will visit with companies, governments, NGOs, and academics.
* Attendance to the 2012 Business Partnerships Conference at the Copenhagen Business School that includes a thematic symposium on the Scandinavian approach to sustainability and CSR tied to a special call for papers with the Journal of Business Ethics.
* Insight into Scandinavian culture through city tours and cultural excursions.

Applications will be available in fall 2011.

Questions? Contact ciber(at)umn.edu or 612-625-9225.

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