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American Univ: Peacebuilding & Development Institute May 14-25, 2012

American University: Peacebuilding & Development Institute May 14-25, 2012

American University's Peacebuilding and Development Institute is pleased to announce its 2012 professional training course offerings! The program will run from May 14-25, 2012 and 5 different courses will be offered. PDI courses are professional trainings for development workers, government officials, conflict resolution practitioners, master's students, and others working in conflict zones. It is one of the first practical training programs specifically designed to bridge the fields of peacebuilding and development. Course facilitators are a blend of AU Faculty and leading practitioners from the field. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

2012 Course Offering:

Week 1: May 14 - 18
Religion and Culture in Conflict Zones
Mohammed Abu-Nimer

Human Rights Advocacy & Peacebuilding
Julie Mertus

Weekend: May 18-20
Monitoring & Evaluation
Carolyne Ashton

Week 2: May 21- 25
Designing & Implementing Inclusive Peacebuilding Programs
Tom Lent & Michael Gibbons

Managing Humanitarian Operations in Conflict Zones
Roy Williams & Steve Hansch

More information about the courses and to register, visit: http://www.american.edu/sis/pdi/

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