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EarthCorps Program, international applicants (ages 18-25)

EarthCorps: The following is a reminder that international applications for the 2012 program are due November 18, 2011. EarthCorps offers a 6-month service learning program in Seattle, Washington, USA that brings together emerging environmental leaders to learn the fundamentals of:
* Environmental Service
* Community Building
* Leadership

EARTHCORPS CHARGES NO TUITION OR FEES for its services and in fact supplies insurance, individual homestay families, food, gear and a monthly stipend to all international participants. EarthCorps provides additional support in acquiring US J-1 Trainee visas.

EarthCorps has established the following minimum criteria to be considered for the program:
* 18-25 years of age
* Conversational English
* No Criminal Record

BEFORE YOU NOMINATE please note that EarthCorps is required by the US government to ensure that every applicant meets strict criteria in order to qualify for a US J-1 Trainee visa. Please make sure your candidate meets the following minimum criteria:

* 4 year college degree in the environmental field and 1 year of relevant work experience*
* 5 years of work experience in the environmental field*

* These criteria are used to meet US government regulations regarding the J-1 Trainee visa. Team members from the USA may have less experience when entering the program.

*Application deadline: November 18, 2011
*Participant selection: January 2012
*Visa processing: February - May 2012
*Travel confirmation: May 2012
*EarthCorps Program start date: June 2012
*EarthCorps Program graduation: mid-December 2012

Candidates should be referred to EarthCorps by an environmental organization (i.e. NGO, community group, university or student club). Materials are available online at: http://earthcorps.org/join_international.php. Separate application materials for the candidate will be sent after confirmation of their nomination.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sarah Zerbonne
Recruiter and International Administrator, Responsible Officer
6310 NE 74th Street, Suite 201E
Seattle, WA 98115 USA
1.206.322.9296 x102
1.206.322.9312 (fax)

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