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Intern'l Peace & Development Training Center 2012 Online & On-Site Advanced Certificate Programmes for Professionals Working in War & Post-War Environment


1. Complex Emergencies and the Nature of Conflicts in Africa (CENCA)
Online Advanced Certificate Programme
5th of March - 6th of April, 2012
IPDTC Online Support System
Fee: EURO 345
Special discount: Early Payment, Multiple Participants and Two Courses Taken Together

The 5-week "Complex Emergencies and the Nature of Conflict in Africa" course aims to introduce participants to the nature of conflict in Africa and the various types of conflict that could lead to intervention by the UN and AU in a peace support operation. It will explain the concept of complex emergency as a "humanitarian crisis in a country, region or society where there is total or considerable breakdown of authority resulting from internal or external conflict and which requires international response".

2. Early Warning, Early Response and Contemporary Peace Operations (EWER)
Online Advanced Certificate Programme
16th of April - 18th of May, 2012
IPDTC Online Support System
Fee: EURO 345
Special discount: Early Payment, Multiple Participants and Two Courses Taken Together

The 5-week "Early Warning, Early Response and Contemporary Peace Operations" course is designed to introduce the world of EW/ER in complex integrated emergency situations. The course will introduce participants to the different aspects and indicators of early warning and early response, the discussions surrounding early response, and the selection, evaluation and validation of a number of EW/ER tools. Participants will learn to become comfortable in selecting and using an appropriate analytical tool, using it correctly and accurately assessing its strengths and weaknesses in light of their goals. An important outcome is to focus on how early warning will work in practice.

3. Transforming Workplace Conflicts: Improving Work Efficiency
Advanced Certificate Programme
2nd - 6th of April, 2012
Cluj Napoca, Romania
Fee: OECD EURO 895/ Non-OECD EURO 595 (includes course fee, accommodation & meals) Special discount: Early Payment, Multiple Participants, Individuals & Students

The 5-days "Transforming Workplace Conflicts: Improving Work Efficiency" training programme is designed for governmental and civil society organizations, corporations and individuals who wish to decrease interpersonal conflicts at work and to provide their staff with the skills necessary to reduce or eliminate new conflicts from escalating. Facilitated by an expert practitioner, the programme will assist the participants in mitigating conflicts within the workplace as well as manage conflicts arising between groups. The participants will discover methodologies and be provided custom designed support and expertise.

Participants' reactions to IPDTC programs

"The training was very relevant to me because it added additional knowledge and skills in Peacebuilding. The presentation by the trainer even made it easier to comprehend. The quality of support given during the program was very encouraging and satisfactory. The quality of methodology and content was well presented. More practical engagement of participants in group work enables me to quickly understand the concept."
Mr. Richelieu Wollor
Civil Affairs Officer
Unites Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)

"IPDTC-PATRIR training programs are tremendously useful for a range of stakeholders in that they integrate critical thematic areas, offering new approaches for analysis and practice that serve the advancement of peacebuilding as a discipline and practice. The programs offer the full workshop experience (an increasing rarity these days), in ideal settings, with experienced practitioners coming from all regions which allows rich exchange, top trainers and a full cultural experience. I always encourage my colleagues to look into IPDTC-PATRIR programs, as I don't think it gets much better, and I urge you to continue!"

Ms. Erin McCandless
Consultant/Evaluator: United Nations Development Program, UNDP New York / Afghanistan;
Senior Consultant: The Peacebuilding Initiative, Humanitarian Policy and Conflict
Research (HPCR), Harvard University & HPCR International, Founder and Co-Executive
Editor: Journal of Peacebuilding and Development Zimbabwe/Global, USA


The International Peace and Development Training Center (IPDTC) was established in 2003 as one of the main Centers of the Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR). The mission assigned to this center is to pioneer and develop training and capacity building for those working in peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

The training programmes developed in the frame of IPDTC are central to the Institute's support for the peacebuilding and conflict transformation field. Designed specifically for practitioners and policy makers, they are developed drawing upon best practices and lessons learned in the field to support individuals and agencies actively engaged in peacebuilding in their own communities, countries and internationally.

Bookmark us at www.patrir.ro/training to stay informed on our upcoming programs, the application process and more.

Requesting IPDTC Programmes

Governments, national and international organizations and UN agencies and country missions interested in requesting IPDTC training programmes should write to Iulia Socea at training@patrir.ro. IPDTC Programmes can be tailor-made and customized for the needs of your Ministry / Organisation / Agency. Programmes may be open or provided under IPDTC/DPO Confidentiality Rules depending upon your need and context.

To register for participation or to request IPDTC programmes for your agency / organization please visit www.patrir.ro/training or write to training(at)patrir.ro

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