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HHH students, seats open: 5801 Global Public Policy course with Stassen Chair James Ron

PA 5801: Global Public Policy

This newly redesigned course will introduce students to the fundamentals of international policy analysis. We'll study subjects such as the US decision to invade Iraq, global climate change, Mexico's crackdown on narco-traffickers, and human rights in India. We'll use an eclectic mixture of theoretical tools from public policy, international relations, and sociology. The course will be interactive and participatory. Every few weeks, a student workgroup team will make a policy presentation based on external research, while the rest of us comment online, and in-class.

The course will be delivered through a mixture of in-person meetings, online activities, and video broadcasting from Mexico. With a bit of luck, students from a top Mexican research institute will also participate, giving us insight into an entirely different way of thinking about global policy.

James Ron
Stassen Chair for International Affairs
University of Minnesota

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