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TEDGlobal 2012 applications open Oct 23 to Dec 6 2011

Interested in applying? Make sure to read these tips first!
1. Be concise. We're looking for as much information about you as possible, but we realize we don't give you a lot of space. We're more interested in what you have to say than how you say it. Please also be mindful of our character limits (they do include spaces) -- or you will not be able to able to submit your application.
2. Actions > Academics. The TED Fellowship is not an academic fellowship. We don't want to know your class rank or your GPA -- we're interested in what you've actually done, what you're currently doing, and what you want to do. You don't have to have attended college or graduated to apply for a fellowship if you have done something remarkable.
3. Don't be afraid to brag! We understand that it may be difficult for you to talk about your accomplishments, as it's not considered polite to do so. But, we're looking to understand why you are different, exceptional, a maverick or a mold-breaker, and your talent may show more in your community organizing work, art, writing, music, film, science or engineering.
4. Apply early! Applications are open for over a month -- don't wait until the last day to submit your application. Our serves have been known to crash and cause unneeded stress.
5. Websites, photos, articles, etc. Make sure to test all of the links that you include in your application. We follow each one as we're interested in learning as much about you as possible.
6. Save an offline copy. We recommend you look at the application form first, then spend time offline composing your answers in Google Docs or Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing program.

Keep an offline copy, in case of a broken connection or other error. TED cannot be responsible for text that gets lost.
Please read our TED Fellows policies and FAQ first to answer any questions you may have.
Lastly, if you have any questions or technical trouble, please contact TED immediately by emailing fellows(at)ted.com.

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