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New Interdisciplinary Joint MA program in Peace/Conflict Studies, Univ of Manitoba & Univ of Winnipeg, Canada

Craig Zelizer from Peace and Collaborative Development Network
New Interdisciplinary Joint Master's Program in Peace and Conflict Studies, at the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg, Canada

The new Interdisciplinary Joint M.A. Program (JMP) in Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) would like to make you aware of this program as an option for study at the graduate level at the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg.

PACS is an interdisciplinary JMP delivered by the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. JMP encompasses the analysis and resolution of social conflicts; peace research that examines the structural roots of social conflicts, divisions, and social inequalities; and strategies for building community and promoting social justice. The Program is intended to be rigorous, as the significance of research and intervention for
conflict resolution, peacebuilding, and creating a culture of human rights demands a high standard of commitment, scholarship, and professionalism.

Students in JMP will have the opportunity to apply their undergraduate degrees and work to pursue advanced interdisciplinary research and scholarship. JMP provides a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to prepare students to pursue independent research aimed at analyzing and resolving the complex issues facing our world using a variety of conflict resolution, social justice, and peace studies tools, processes, and

JMP is committed to academic excellence, social responsibility, cultural diversity, and reflective practice in PACS. JMP faculty take a holistic, learner-centered approach, encouraging students to define and shape their intellectual and practice paths in a creative, rigorous, informed and structured fashion. JMP faculty work closely with students to develop productive mentorships, which aids students in their ongoing professional development in terms of conference presentations, writing and publishing,
and praxis efforts. JMP faculty prepares our students to contribute to PACS in a wide range of multidisciplinary pursuits. Information may be found on our webpage:



If you have any questions or require any further materials, please do not
hesitate to contact Susan Ducharme at (204) 474-6052, or email susan_ducharme(at) umanitoba.ca

Dr. Sean Byrne Dr. Dean Peachey
Chair Associate Chair
St. Paul's College Global College
University of Manitoba University of Winnipeg

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