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HHH students/faculty interested in the Middle East region

See this note from APSA International: http://www.aspanet.org/public/ASPA/About_ASPA/International/ASPA/About_ASPA/International/International.aspx?hkey=364df8f8-4b7b-4e09-8157-0aa6cc5345ef

Section on Middle Eastern Public Administration (MEPA) Call for Action

The region of the Middle East continues to dominate United States foreign policy and administrative affairs. Democratic changes in the Middle East are growing dynamics that further necessitates our focus and requires our collaborative efforts. ASPA is taking the lead on building bridges and networks in the Middle East in order to promote excellence in governance and public service based on transparency, accountability, equity and ethics.

To help channel these efforts within a focused structure that can become a major player both in the emerging dynamics as well as in advancing public administration studies in the Middle East, bridging between public service scholars and practitioners on global level and engaging in public administration progress in the Middle East while endorsing public administration without borders within a global context, we are seeking your support to establish a new section within ASPA on Middle Eastern Public Administration (MEPA).

The new section will sponsor seminars and regional conferences, host symposiums in peer-reviewed journals, issue its own publications, conduct studies, build networks with academic institutions and public institutions in the Middle East, and act as a catalyst to support an environment for good governance in the Middle East. If interested, please contact Dr. Alexander Dawoody at adawoody(at)marywood.edu.

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