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International training programme on human rights in development, focus on children's rights (Antwerp, Belgium, summer)

HUMAN RIGHTS FOR DEVELOPMENT (HR4DEV): An international training programme on human rights in development with a focus on children's rights

For more information, please visit: http://www.hr4dev.be/

The international training programme Human Rights for Development (HR4DEV) maps the potential and limits of human rights in development and development cooperation, with a specific focus on children's rights. The course consists of a general part (two weeks on human rights and development), and a thematic part (two weeks on children's rights and globalization). It targets 'leaders of the future' in practice, policy and academia.

Module 1: Human Rights and Development (general) (week 1 and 2)
Module 2: Children's Rights in a Globalized World: Critical Approaches (thematic) (week 3 and 4)

Antwerp, Belgium

DATES affiche.jpg
From July 30th to August 24th 2012

When applying for a scholarship: February 1st 2012
When not applying for a scholarship: April 1st 2012

The course fee for the entire programme (1 month, 2 modules) is € 2000

The course fee for one module (2 weeks) is € 1250

The registration fee includes tuition, course materials, lunches and breaks. The fee does not include accommodation.
Participants will need to meet their own travel costs.
The final registration and payment are due by June 15th 2012.

Course Secretariat:
For information regarding programme and scholarships:
Mrs. Kathy Vlieghe
Children's Rights Knowledge Centre

For information regarding registration and accommodation:
Mrs. Terry Amssoms
University of Antwerp - International Mobility

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