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Organizations working on disability issues in Egypt

Sent from Humphrey Professor Ragui Assaad in Cairo:

There are always the usual suspects like Care, Save the Children, CARITAS, Plan International and Terre des Hommes. They all have programs for children with disabilities in Egypt.

The National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, a governmental coordination body has a program on children with disabilities (http://www.nccm-egypt.org/e11/e3079/index_eng.html).

The Assiut Childhood and Development Association has a good reputation.

I have reproduced below a list of organizations I found on the internet, which includes some of the big Egyptian NGOs working in this area.


Al Nour Wal Amal Association
(Light & Hope Association)
16 Abou Bakr El Seddik Street
Cairo 11351, EGYPT.
Tel: (20) 2 633 7772; (20) 2 634 1929
Fax: (20) 2 633 7660
Email: info(at)alnourwalamal.org

* A free boarding educational institution for blind girls and women. The primary aim of Al Nour Wal Amal Association is to fulfill the rights of blind girls and women by providing them with free education, literacy programs, vocational training and job opportunities.

Asdaa's Association for Serving the Hearing Impaired
87 Dara st. Sidi Gaber,
P.O. Box 2564 El-Saray
Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: (20) 3 546 0382
Fax: (20) 3 546 0382
E-mail: asdaa_alex(atyahoo.com

* The Asddaa's Association Serving the Hearing Impaired provides computer training, speech and sign language training, medical exams,sign language interpreter services, and training for teachers of the deaf. One of the association's main goals is to eradicate illiteracy among the deaf and hearing impaired.

Egyptian Autistic Society
22 Road 253
Digla, El Maadi
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (202) 7542704
Fax: (202) 5197055
E-mail: info(at)autismegypt.com

* Egyptian Autistic Society is a non-profit organization with the mission of providing early intervention services that address autistic children's learning and development needs and to increasing awareness and understanding of autism in Egypt.

Egyptian Federation of Organizations for People with Special Needs
32 Sabri Abu Alam Street
Cairo, 11121, Egypt
Tel: (20) 2-393-0300
Tel: (20) 2-390-0356
Fax: (20) 2-393-3077

* The Egyptian Federation of Organizations for People with Special Needs is an Associate Member of Rehabilitation International working for the prevention, rehabilitation and the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities.

Egyptian Learning Disabilities Association (ELDA)
63 El Nadi St., Maadi
Cairo, EGYPT
Tel: (20) 2 358 6803
Fax: (20) 2 359 6740
E-mail: info(at)elda-egypt.org

* The Egyptian Learning Disabilities Association is a non-profitable association enlightening the Egyptian society with the most recent world and national events by researching and networking together with the international conferences held by the world most famous universities working in the field of learning disabilities and those dealing with teaching methodologies.

Future Society for the Disabled
7 Isam El Masri Street
Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: (20) 3-420-2266
Fax: (20) 3-420-0261

* Future Society for the Disabled is a National Member Organization of Rehabilitation International working for the prevention, rehabilitation and the equalization of opportunities in society for people with disabilities.

Learning Resource Center
9 Road 278, New Maadi
Cairo 11434 EGYPT
Tel: (202) 2 516 3965
Fax: (202) 2 520 3110
E-mail: info(at)lrcegypt.org

* The Learning Resource Center is an independent diagnostic and therapeutic unit, which provides assessment and on going management service for children, adolescents and a limited number of adults who may have learning difficulties and/or developmental problems. LRC consists of the Educational Services Department, the Psychological
Services Department, Occupational and Physical Therapy Department, Speech and Language Therapy Department and Medical Consultation and Training Departments.

Ministry of Social Affairs
Department of Social Rehabilitation and Care of the Handicapped
A.R.E, Cairo, EGYPT.
Contact person: Soraya Metwally
Tel: (20) 2 794 1196
Fax: (20) 2 794 1196
Email: sorayahossen(at)hotmail.com

* The Ministry of Social Affairs provides for the care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities by providing them with psychological, social, educational, rehabilitation, cultural and medical services.

MOVE Children Center
23 Road 232 Degla, Maadi
Cairo, EGYPT
Tel: (20) 2 521 2321
E-mail: hhelmy(at)movemiddleeast.com

* The MOVE Children Center offers programs tailored to meet the physical, cognitive and emotional needs of children with Cerebral Palsy from birth to 12 years of age. Year-round programs, screenings, evaluations, therapies, and assistive technology are offered.

National Committee of the Blind
Department of the Handicapped
92 Ahmed Oraby Street
Cairo, Egypt

Rehab Egypt
Al-Obour 24, Salah Salem Avenue
P.O.Box 46/Panorama
Nasr City
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: (202) 2 403 2384

Save the Children UK - Alexandria
11, Zaki Badawy St.
Stanley, Alexandria, Egypt
Tel: (20) 2-735-0558 (Cairo)
E-mail: a.sabeh(at)scuk-mena.com (Cairo)

* Save the Children UK's regional office in Alexandria is an affiliate of Rehabiliation International. Its Cairo regional office supports a project that shows how children with learning difficulties can be included in mainstream schools, rather than being isolated in
institutions away from their communities. The project involves children, families and communities in raising support for inclusive education. The work includes training teachers and welfare workers, and helping schools to create inclusive classrooms.

SETI (Support, Education and Training for Inclusion) - Caritas
E-Mail: info(at)seticenter.org

* The SETI Center specializes in providing training for professionals working with disabilities. It has many publications under its name providing information and services to people with disabilities and their surrounding communities. Besides books and
booklets explaining the different disorders and disabilities, SETI has produced a directory with all the services available for people with disabilities in Cairo. SETI also has a vocational training center for mentally disabled young people.

Special Olympics MENA
Regional Headquarters
35 Gezirat El-Arab Street
Mohandiseen, Giza 12411
Tel: (20) 2-345-5510
Fax: (20) 20-345-5514
E-mail: info(at)somena.org

* Special Olympics is an international organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. Special Olympics offers children 8 years or older and adults with intellectual disabilities year-round training and competition in Olympic-type summer and winter sports. Special Olympics MENA serves 20 countries in the Middle East and North Africa. There is no charge to participate.

VSA Arts of Egypt
74 Sawra St.
Cairo 11341, Egypt
Tel: 20-2-368-2827
Fax: 20-2-365-0429
E-mail: mbanna(at)starnet.com.eg

* VSA Arts of Egypt is dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities into society through skills enhancement and equal access to opportunities in the arts. Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Education's Art Department for Special Education and the art faculty of Helwan University, VSA Arts of Egypt has developed a
comprehensive program of trainings for art and special education teachers, as well as artists with disabilities.

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