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Foreign Policy Competition with Chance to Win a Trip to Berlin (NATO members/partner citizens, under 35)

Open to anyone under 35 from a NATO member country or partner country. The deadline for submissions in the first category is February 23, 2012.

Atlantic-community.org - the open think tank on foreign policy - is
excited to announce our new competition "Your Ideas, Your NATO". And Considering PPIA's mission of fostering diversity within the policy field, we thought it would be ideal to reach out to your group, and that the competition would appeal to those in your network.

This Policy Workshop competition is an opportunity for students and young professionals to share their policy ideas on the important issues that will be debated at the NATO Summit in Chicago. The first place winner gets 500 EUR and a trip to Berlin (round-trip airfare and 4 nights accommodation) to present his or her ideas at our conference, where he or she will receive feedback from NATO on the policy
recommendations! In addition, we will be publishing all high quality entries on atlantic-community.org.

Please check out the full announcement for more information:

We are looking for short articles in three categories: partnerships with Arab Spring countries, spending more efficiently on defense, and building transatlantic values and community.

"Your Ideas, Your NATO" is open to young people in all 28 NATO Member countries and 37 Partner countries. We also always welcome submissions outside of the competition for publication on our website.

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