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Technology & science in development video

Thought you'd want to check this out. This is a 30 min video with Rajiv Shah, Gayle Smith, special assistant to the president & senior director of the National Security Council and Tom Kalil, deputy director for policy, Office of Science and Technology Policy.


Lots of talk about using technology to spread information quickly and more cost effectively (particularly using mobile apps, like using smart phones to reduce corruption)

They also spoke highly of the newly announced "plant doctor" concept, which essentially broadens the national extension network to an international network (nice for us).

Finally they talked about the importance of diaspora contributing to their homeland, which bodes well with our discussion on east African immigrants.

Peter Lindstrom, Assistant Director, Center for Science, Technology & Public Policy
University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs
612-624-4659. Twitter: @plindstrom
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