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Join the online discussion forum: Development Process of One Health Global Core Competencies

Discussion is open now and will stay open until March 30th.

One Health Talk engages stakeholders in One Health conversation thru collaboration efforts with partners from around the world focused on the common goal of addressing possible solutions as they relate to complex One Health global issues.
We invite you to join www.onehealthtalk.org and join March discussion!. The discussion was launched mid January as a collaborative effort between FAO in Rome and University of Minnesota, there are now over 370 subscribed to the forum and there have been dozens of contributions around the world. Have your voice heard!

Current discussion question theme:
Development Process of One Health Global Core Competencies (OHGCC)

Current discussion questions:
Methods that you know about or have used that could help identify or evaluate OHGCC?

Are there literature sources that you would suggest as we expand the literature review?

How can we further engage the One Health global community?

Mary Y. Lee
Associate Provost, Tufts University
Professor of Medicine
Raymond R. Hyatt
Associate Professor
Tufts University School of Medicine

Milena Gross, MPA alumnus

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