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9th Midwest International Economic Development Conference is April 20-21 at McNamara

April 20-21, 2012 McNamara Alumni Center -- University of Minnesota, USA

"Preliminary" PROGRAM
* = presenter
[ ] = discussant

Session Topics:
Behavioral Economics and Social Networks Friday AM
Conflicts/Violence Friday PM II
Credit and Savings Friday PM I
Economic Growth Friday AM
Education Friday PM II
Food Aid & Technology Friday PM I
Gender and Fertility Saturday AM I
Health and Nutrition Saturday AM II
Health - HIV/AIDS Friday AM
Labor Markets Saturday AM II
Land Tenure Saturday AM II
Migration and Remittances Friday PM I
Political Economy Friday PM II
Risk/Insurance/Shocks + Pensions Saturday AM I
Trade and FDI Saturday AM I
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Friday, 9:30-11:30 a.m., 3 sessions:

Health - HIV/AIDS in Johnson Great Room

● Antiretroviral Therapy and Perceived Mortality Risk: Optimism and Investment in Malawi
by Daniel Bennett*, University of Chicago, Victoria Baranov, University of Chicago, and Hans-Peter Kohler, University of Pennsylvania [Nicholas Wilson] PDF of paper #1

● Income Shocks and HIV in Africa
by Erick Gong* (Middlebury College) & Marshall Burke and Kelly Jones (both University of California - Berkeley) [Daniel Bennett] PDF of paper #2

● Is Sex Like Driving? Risk Compensation Associated with Male Circumcision in Kisumu, Kenya
by Nicholas Wilson* (Williams College), Wentao Xiong (Harvard Business School), & Christine Mattson (formerly University of Illinois, Chicago) [Erick Gong] PDF of paper #3

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Economic Growth in Ski-U-Mah

● Services Reform and Manufacturing Performance: Evidence from India
by Molly Lipscomb* (University of Notre Dame), Jens Matthias Arnold (OECD Economics Department), Beata Javorcik (University of Oxford) and Aaditya Mattoo (World Bank) [Adam Storeygard] PDF of Paper #4

● Financial Cascades in the MENA Region: Theory, Empirics and Policy
by Hamid Mohtadi*, University of Minnesota, & Stefan Ruediger, University of Wisconsin-Steven Point [Molly Lipscomb] PDF of paper #5

● Farther on down the road: transport costs, trade and urban growth in sub-Saharan Africa
by Adam Storeygard*, Brown University [Hamid Mohtadi] PDF of paper #6

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Behavioral Economics and Social Networks in Minnesota Room

● Violence, Emotional Distress and Induced Changes in Risk Aversion among the Displaced Population in Colombia
by Andrés Moya*, University of California, Davis [Laura Schechter] PDF of paper #7

● Theft in South Africa: An Experiment to Examine Mitigation through Gift-Giving
by Clinton J. Pecenka*, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [Andrés Moya] PDF of paper #8

● Stability of Social, Risk, and Time Preferences over a Decade
by Laura Schechter*, University of Wisconsin - Madison & Ya-ting Chuang [Clinton J. Pecenka] PDF of paper #9

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Friday, 1:15-3:15 p.m., 3 sessions:

Migration and Remittances in Johnson Great Room

● The effects of UAE construction jobs on Indians and their families: Initial findings
by Michael A. Clemens*, Center for Global Development [Yao Pan] PDF of paper #10

● Labor Market Changes in Response to Immigration: Evidence from Internal Migration Driven by Weather Shocks
by Marieke Kleemans* & Jeremy Magruder, (both University of California - Berkeley) [Michael A. Clemens] PDF of paper #11

● The Effect of Labor Mobility Restrictions on Human Capital Accumulation in China
by Yao Pan*, George Washington University [Marieke Kleemans] PDF of paper #12

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Credit and Savings in Ski-U-Mah

● The social dilemma of microinsurance: A framed field experiment with microcredit groups in Tanzania
by Berber Kramer* & Wendy Janssens, (both VU University Amsterdam) [Silvia Prina] PDF of paper #13

● From Loans to Labor: Access to Credit, Entrepreneurship and Child Labor
by Leah K. Nelson*, University of California, San Diego [Berber Kramer] PDF of paper #14

● Do basic savings accounts help the poor to save? Evidence from a field experiment in Nepal
by Silvia Prina*, Case Western Reserve University [Leah K. Nelson] PDF of paper #15

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Food Aid and Technology in Minnesota Room

● Rising Food Prices, Food Price Volatility, and Political Unrest
by Marc F. Bellemare*, Duke University [Ajay Shenoy] PDF of paper #16

● Market Prices and Food Aid Local and Regional Procurement and Distribution: A Multi-Country Analysis
by Teevrat Garg*, Christopher B. Barrett, Miguel I. Gomez, Erin C. Lentz and William Violette (all Cornell University) [Marc F. Bellemare] PDF of paper #17

● Market Failures and Misallocation: Decomposing Factor Misallocation by Source
by Ajay Shenoy*, University of Michigan [Teevrat Garg] PDF of paper #18

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Friday, 3:30-5:30 p.m., 3 sessions:

Education in Johnson Great Room

● Technology and Child Development: Evidence from the One Laptop per Child Program
by Julian P. Cristia*, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Pablo Ibarrarán (IDB), Santiago Cueto - Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE), Ana Santiago (IDB), & Eugenio Severín (IDB) [Nathalie Guilbert] PDF of paper #19

● Peer Effects under Residential Tracking and Mixing: Evidence from South African College Dormitories
by Robert Garlick*, University of Michigan [Julian P. Cristia] PDF of paper #20

● The 1987-89 Locust plague in Mali: Evidences of the heterogeneous impact of income shocks on education outcomes
by Nathalie Guilbert*, Philippe De Vreyer and Sandrine Mesplé-Somps (all Université Paris Dauphine) [Robert Garlick] PDF of paper #21

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Political Economy in Ski-U-Mah

● Public Provision of Security in an Insecure Property Rights Environment
by Ranojoy Basu* & Subhra K. Bhattacharya, (both Iowa State University) [Nathalie Pouokam] PDF of paper #22

● Legitimacy & Democracy: Basic Concepts with an Application to the Honduran 2009 Crisis
by Roger R. Betancourt*, University of Maryland [Ranojoy Basu] PDF of paper #23

● A Political Economy Theory of Growth
by Nathalie Pouokam*, University of Minnesota [Roger Betancourt] PDF of paper #24

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Conflicts/Violence in Minnesota Room

● Occupations under fire: the labor market in a complex emergency
by Jennifer Alix-Garcia*, University of Wisconsin - Madison, & Anne Bartlett, University of San Francisco [Helena Schweiger] PDF of paper #25

● Climate Change and Civil War in Somalia: Does Drought Fuel Conflict through Livestock Price Shocks?
by J.F. Maystadt*, International Food Policy Research Institute, & A. Mabiso and O. Ecker [Jennifer Alix-Garcia] PDF of paper #26

● Impact of Georgia-Russia conflict on firm performance and perceptions of business environment
by Helena Schweiger* & Carly Petracco, (both European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) [J.F. Maystadt] PDF of paper #27

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Saturday, 8:30-10:30 a.m., 3 sessions:

Gender and Fertility in Johnson Great Room

● A Foreign Affair: Fertility and Divorce Responses of Local Women Due to the Influx of Foreign Brides
by Elaine Liu* (University of Houston), Lena Edlund (Columbia University) and Jin-Tan Liu (National Taiwan University) [Laura Zimmermann] PDF of paper #28

● The Indian Ultrasound Paradox
by Daniel Rosenblum* & Mevlude Akbulut-Yuksel, (both Dalhousie University) [Elaine Liu] PDF of paper #29

● Remember When It Rained: The Elusiveness of Gender Discrimination in Indian School Enrollment
by Laura Zimmermann*, University of Michigan [Daniel Rosenblum] PDF of paper #30

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Risk/Insurance/Shocks + Pensions in Ski-U-Mah

● Zap it to Me: The Short-Term Impacts of a Mobile Cash Transfer Program
by Jenny C. Aker* (Tufts University), and Rachid Boumnijel, Amanda McClelland & Niall Tierney (all Concern Worldwide) [Nolan Noble] PDF of paper #31

● Risk and Insurance in Rural Mexico: The Effect of PROGRESA
by Carlos Chiapa*, El Colegio de México [Jenny C. Aker] PDF of paper #32

● The Impact of Negative Health Shocks on Consumption: Evidence from Indonesia
by Nolan Noble*, University of Notre Dame [Carlos Chiapa] PDF of paper #33

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Trade and FDI in Minnesota Room

● The Agglomeration of Exporters by Destination
by Andrew J. Cassey*, Washington State University, & Katherine N. Schmeiser, Mt. Holyoke College [Andreas Waldkirch] PDF of paper #34

● Product Diversification and Exporter Performance: Evidence from Jordan
by Jamal Ibrahim Haidar*, Paris School of Economics [Andrew J. Cassey] PDF of paper #35

● Foreign Participation, Productivity and Transition in a Least Developed Country: Firm-Level Evidence
by Andreas Waldkirch* & Mesay Melese, (both Colby College) [Jamal Ibrahim Haidar] PDF of paper #36

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Saturday, 10:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m., 3 sessions:

Health and Nutrition in Johnson Great Room

● Late Bloomers? Identifying Critical Periods in Human Capital Accumulation. Evidence from the Rwanda Genocide
by Jorge M. Agüero* & Anil Deolalikar, (both University of California - Riverside) [Sarah Walker] PDF of paper #37

● Early Life Public Health Intervention and Adolescent Cognition: Evidence from the Safe Motherhood Program in Indonesia
by Ava Gail Cas*, Duke University [Jorge M. Agüero] PDF of paper #38

● Keeping the Doctor Away: Experimental Evidence on Investment in Preventative Health Products
by Sarah Walker* (University of Wisconsin), Jennifer Meredith (University of Washington), Jonathan Robinson (University of California, Santa Cruz) and Bruce Wydick (University of San Francisco) [Ava Gail Cas] PDF of paper #39

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Land Tenure in Ski-U-Mah

● Property Rights Improvements and Migration: Land Titles in the Mexican Ejido
by Marco Gonzalez-Navarro*(University of Toronto) & Alain de Janvry, Kyle Emerick and Elisabeth Sadoulet (all University of California - Berkeley) [Oswaldo Molina] PDF of paper #40

● Farmers' Heterogeneous Valuation of Laser Land Leveling in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: An Experimental Auction Approach to Informing Segmentation & Subsidy Strategies
by Nicholas Magnan* (International Food Policy Research Institute - IFPRI), Travis J. Lybbert (University of California-Davis), Anil Bhargava (University of California-Davis), Kajal Gulati (IFPRI), and David J. Spielman (IFPRI) [Marco Gonzalez-Navarro] PDF of paper #41

● Titling without registration: quietly undermining the property rights reform
by Oswaldo Molina*, Oxford University [Nicholas Magnan] PDF of paper #42

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Labor Markets in Minnesota Room

● Job Search Costs and Uncertainty: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines
by Emily A. Beam*, University of Michigan [Yasuyuki Sawada] PDF of paper #43

● Job Uncertainty and Performance
by Susan Godlonton*, University of Michigan [Emily A. Beam] PDF of paper #44

● Incentives and Social Preferences in a Traditional Labor Constract: Evidence from Rice Planting Experiments in the Philippines
by Yasuyuki Sawada*, Jun Goto, Takeshi Aida and Keitaro Aoyagi, (all University of Tokyo) [Susan Godlonton] PDF of paper #45

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