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Call for Applications: Events Planning and Outreach Intern - Climate Change Program, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy (IMTD) is seeking a motivated and reliable person to serve as an intern for our Climate Change program. The position is unpaid, but applicants can use the position for internship credit.

Since 1992, IMTD has completed over 17 major peacebuilding projects, all spanning a minimum of two years, and others extending to more than a decade. IMTD's efforts have made the term "multi-track diplomacy" a common phrase in conflict resolution academia. Most recently, we have worked to utilize the multi-track model to address other issues, such as climate change. IMTD's Climate Change program works to apply a systems-based approach to climate change mitigation.

The Events Planning and Outreach Intern will work alongside the Climate Change Program Manager to further develop the I Am One in a Billion campaign. He or she will help plan and organize workshops and other events that will help the campaign connect with communities and gain greater levels of participation. He or she will also help the Program Manager facilitate workshops, and will accompany the Program Manager in planning meetings. The internship also offers the opportunity to temporarily assume responsibilities of Program Manager during the months of May, June, and July while current Program Manager is on leave.

Duties include:

Conducting searches for like-minded organizations and institutions. Identifying opportunities for collaboration.
Organizing and maintaining a spreadsheet of contacts and potential contacts.
Establishing initial contact with like-minded organizations and institutions (upon direction of Program Manager).
Attending event planning meetings with Program Manager
Aiding Program Manager in event organization and facilitation


Bachelor's Degree required. Master's Degree preferred.
Strong background climate change and related issues
Demonstrable experience in workshop, class, and/or event facilitation and leadership
Strong organizational skills
Strong interpersonal and communication skills

The internship will be located at IMTD offices in Washington, DC. Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Please send a CV and cover letter to Amanda at abrown (at) imtd.org. For more information about IMTD, visit our website at www.imtd.org

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