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Freeman-Stassen awardees 2009-2011: HHH students please contact faculty today to be nominated for 2012

• Freeman-Stassen Award (global issues): Rachel Garaghty, for contributions to the overall internationalization of the Humphrey School. http://blog.lib.umn.edu/gpa/globalnotes/2011/06/mpp-student-rachel-garaghty-20.php

• Freeman-Stassen Award (global issues): There are two winners of the Freeman-Stassen Award this year. The first recipient is Kristen Rau, for her paper, "Decisions of De-ethnicization: The RPF's Denial and Invocation of Ethnicity in Rwanda."
• The second Freeman-Stassen Award goes to a capstone paper written by Matt Buley, Ameila Kendall, Michelle Lamere, and Pepe Wonosikou. Their paper, "Neglected Tropical Diseases: Neglected Long Enough," addresses endemic and systemic health problems that affect the developing world.

• Freeman-Stassen Award: The first recipient is Joel Larson MSTEP.
The second Freeman-Stassen Award: Anna Langer.

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