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HHH summer class seeks capstone clients with international projects

Each year, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs offers Capstone Workshops as an option for Master's students nearing completion of their degrees. In these courses, students delve deeply into relevant topics and work in teams for a public or nonprofit client to carry out a professional analysis or project. These assignments provide high quality, professional products for public and nonprofit organizations. They also provide invaluable training for professional students using real-world issues and solutions.

In a Capstone project, the "student-consultant" teams, working with faculty oversight and university resources, will develop the tools and methods required to complete a given project. Many of these Master's level students have extensive work experience in the public and nonprofit sectors. In the past, client deliverables have included professional reports, briefings, research, materials and other specific tools that can be implemented immediately to address issues at hand.

To be considered as a potential capstone client, entities must agree to the following:
1) complete and submit a short one-page description of the project (in DRAFT form) to me. I have also attached an example of a successful Capstone proposal (attached worksheet). Kevin and Jim would appreciate all Capstone proposals to be submitted to no later than April 20, 2012.
2) arrange for a professional presentation to your organization's decision-makers.
3) identify one contact person who is available for an initial meeting with the workshop team.
4) complete, during the course of the semester, a memorandum of understanding/agreement (example attached) detailing the project scope.
5) assist, throughout the semester, the team in accessing appropriate background data or relevant individuals and resources for the project

Please feel free to contact Kevin Gerdes (ksgerdes(at)umd.edu, 612-626-1337) or (Jim Westcott, westc002(at)umn.edu, 651-247-1693) either by e-mail or phone.
Humphrey School of Public Affairs Capstone Sample Client proposal Henn Co - Home Ownership-1.doc

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