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online Development Ethics course at Michigan State (non-credit)

Development Ethics course; online http://www.philosophy.msu.edu/courses/non-credit/

This course is non-credit, fully online. It is about the ethical questions and issues that arise concerning development. Students will step back and analyze the process of development, the discourse of development and development work, analyze central concepts of the philosophy of development, and evaluate arguments given for a variety of positions. It will introduce ethical approaches to development thought, but also offer some tools in resolving ethical problems. The course will utilize both philosophical and interdisciplinary content in an effort to engage students with important global issues such as poverty, hunger and aid.

The course aims to improve students' thinking about the nature and purpose of global development.

I thought this course might be of interest to you and or your students!
Britta Lilley Hansen, Graduate Student in Development Practice (MDP)
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
IPID- Secretary
Graduate Research Assistant, Health and Nutrition Programs, Extension Center for Family Development, University of Minnesota

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