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Study at the University of Turku, Finland (many courses in English)

Students should fill in an electronic application form on: www.utu.fi/en/studying/apply/non-degree/index.html

The enclosures (Nomination (can be an email), Transcript of Records, and Language Assessment Sheet) should be sent by post to the International Office:

University of Turku
International Office
FI-20014 TURKU

Please find more information on enclosures on:

Language Assessment Sheet is an obligatory enclosure for all exchange students (excluding native speakers or those who hold another kind of proof of their language skills). The language of instruction (English, Finnish or Swedish) should be evaluated by a student and a teacher. The form can be found on our web page mentioned above.

For Autumn Semester 2012/academic year 2012-2013 will be May 31, 2012 (EU students) and
April 15 (for Non-EU students).

For Spring Semester 2013 the deadlines will be October 15 (for Non-EU students) and November 1 (for EU students).

We expect all the applications and enclosures to be in Turku by the deadline. It is possible to scan the enclosures first and then send them by post.

After the acceptance we will post the acceptance letters and information packages directly to students, unless otherwise agreed.

Links to our existing non-degree programmes in English are listed on www.utu.fi/en/studying/programmes/nondegree.html

Exchange students can quite freely choose courses over the faculty borders (except Medicine/Economics) since most of the non-degree programmes are multidisciplinary.

LEARNING AGREEMENT is part of the application form. Therefore, it is not necessary to send it to us separately on paper. However, it is important that students fill the course information on the application form. Otherwise their application will not be processed.

At first students should go to the web page of the subject/department/faculty/non-degree programme: (www.utu.fi/en/studying/programmes/nondegree.html) and look for the courses and course codes before they start filling in the application form.

We are aware that students planning their studies in Turku have difficulties in finding updated course information. Therefore, students are advised to use the latest available information which will be current Academic Year's course information.

If a student cannot find the course information on the Internet they should contact directly to the Departmental Contact Person: https://ssl.utu.fi/apply/contacts

Students will have a chance to make changes to their ECTS Learning Agreements with the Changes to the Previous ECTS Learning Agreement- form within one month after their arrival.

We will not automatically send the signed ECTS Learning Agreement back to students, unless it is requested by the students or her/his home university. Otherwise student will receive it when arriving in Turku.

Student housing is not organised by the university but by the Student Village Foundation. Students should apply for housing themselves by filling in an electronic application form on the website of
Student Village Foundation at least 6 weeks before the first day of the lease.

The electronic application form can be filled in on:
For more information please see: www.tys.fi.

Please notice that the rental agreements are made for whole semesters only:
- Autumn Semester September - December, 4 months minimum, or
- Spring Semester January - May, 5 months minimum

As mentioned in our earlier message there will be new quotas in student housing in Autumn 2012 and therefore, we cannot guarantee reasonably priced student accommodation for all incoming exchange students. However, we will try our best to find other solutions and possibilities.

All incoming exchange students coming to study in Turku are required to begin their studies with an Orientation Course. The next Orientation Course will be held at the end of August (week 35, 27.-31.8.2012). Students arriving in the Spring Semester start with the Orientation in the beginning of January.

IMPORTANT information for students who will study in Turku School of Economics!
The online registration for the first period courses start on Monday August 20 at 8 am and therefore, students should arrive in Turku already on Friday, August 17 in order to receive the password for the virtual study register. If students arrive later they will not have good chances to find suitable courses, because they will be full.

Academic information on: www.utu.fi/en/studying/studies
Contact information on: www.utu.fi/international
Information for International Coordinators at the partner universities: www.utu.fi/en/studying/cooperation/coordinators/index.html
International Summer School: www.utu.fi/summerschool

Ms Liisa Aho
International Officer
International Office
University of Turku
20014 Turku

Phone +358 2 333 6104
Fax +358 2 333 6370
Email: incoming(at)utu.fi

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