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Women PeaceMakers Residency (San Diego)

Call for Applications, Women PeaceMakers program, Kroc Institute, U of San Diego

Applications are now open for the Women PeaceMakers program, which is an eight-week residency at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice (IPJ), located on the University of San Diego campus in San Diego, California.

Four peacemakers selected to participate in this residency. The program pairs each peacemaker with a Peace Writer and a documentary film team to document her story and best practices. Selected candidates give presentations on their work both at the IPJ and in the San Diego community and have opportunities to exchange ideas and approaches to peacemaking and justice, increasing their capacity to participate in conflict resolution and peacebuilding efforts and in post-conflict decision-making.

This is a program open to women who have been involved in either official or unofficial peace processes and who may be working at the grassroots, national or international level. We select women who have been active in efforts to secure a just peace, namely, through conflict resolution and civil society participation that is inclusive and honors human rights. Women PeaceMakers must:

Have experience working directly in peacemaking and/or human rights efforts at a grassroots, national or international level.
Speak sufficient English to relate personal experiences. Written English is not necessary.
Be in a position to apply what is learned and/or to share with others at the conclusion of the residency program.

The deadline to submit applications is 15 May 2012.

By fundsforngos, on April 5th, 2012
crossposted from http://www.fundsforngos.org/fellowships-2/women-peacemakers-residency/
and from the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, http://internationalpeaceandconflict.org

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