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New open access refugee & global health E-learning program

fantastic new open access refugee E-learning program

Exciting news. Our Canadian colleagues have posted new refugee and global health e-Learning programs for students (http://ccirhken.ca/eLearning/). It contains some really marvelous introductory material. Further information is below. sent by William Stauffer, UMN Global Health.

NEW Refugees and Global Health e-Learning Program for Students

Launch of the Canadian Collaboration for Immigrant and Refugee Health "Refugees and Global Health E-Learning Program"


Now all Canadian medical and health professional students, residents and practitioners will have full access to an innovative web-based tool to enhance their understanding of medical care for refugees in the realm of global health. Conceptualized by Dr. Kevin Pottie, associate professor of family medicine and epidemiology and community medicine, University of Ottawa, the Refugees and Global Health e-Learning Program is the first online e-workbook of its kind to follow the Canadian Medical Education Directives (CanMEDS). Its real case PBL scenarios, video footage, and applicable questions guide the learner through training that develops the knowledge and skills needed for global health.

"Refugees and Global Health is an internationally unique competency-based global health e-learning program" says Dr. Pottie. "Caring for patients around the world requires more than just knowledge of tropical medicine. The e-Learning site gives students the chance to learn more about refugees and to recognize pitfalls and global health issues."

Nothing is taboo. Modules and podcasts take on neonatal tetanus, suicide, domestic violence, malaria and post traumatic stress disorder. Global health experts challenge the learner and provide practical reflections by linking users to recent evidence-based migrant health guidelines and other readily available resources, accessible to all at the click of a mouse. The goal of this e-Learning program is to prepare the learner for a rewarding career in the emerging new discipline of global health. "The strength of these modules is that they provide information in a manner that is engaging and dynamic and allows me to manage the material at my own pace," says Pal Randhawa, second year medical student at the University of Ottawa.

"The Global Health Program strives to eliminate health inequities at home and abroad while exposing students to the realities of working in the area of global health," says Dr. Ponka, Director of Global Health for Family Medicine, University of Ottawa. "It will educate those interested in pursuing a career in the realm of global health."

The Refugees and Global Health e-Learning Program was launched at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education held April 14-17, 2012 in Banff. This year's conference theme was Global Health and Medical Education: Beyond Boundaries.

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