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Resource on immigration to the US midwestern states


You may be interested in this web site on Immigration in Midwest that includes a summary report and state-by-state information on :

· An interactive map

The history of immigration

· Demographic data

· An overview of refugees in the state

· Labor force needs and characteristics

· Restrictive and expansive legislation

The site was prepared for the Chicago Council of Global Affairs in spring of 2012 by Katherine Fennelly and students in her graduate seminar on Immigration and Public Policy. Funding for Elizabeth Caulum, the research assistant was provided by a generous grant from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Students in the seminar included Allison Boyle , Silvana Hackett, Marie Kurth, Robert Painter,Julia Peasley, Meredith Stocking, Nate Thompson, Morgan Winters, and Lisa Ziegler. Website production assistance was done by web designer, Charlot Meyer, and administrative specialist, Mary Lou Middleton.

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