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Robert Kudrle honored with 2012 Ladd Hollist Award for Service to the International Studies Association

kudrle.jpgAt the recent annual convention of the International Studies Association, the 6,000-member organization recognized Professor Robert Kudrle with its Ladd Hollist Award for service to the association. Kudrle also was a co-recipient of the award in 2005

The Ladd Hollist Service Award http://www.isanet.org/

At the 2005 Annual Meeting in Hawaii, the ISA Governing Council approved the creation of a new award to be called the Ladd Hollist Service Award, established as an annual ISA Award in recognition of his outstanding service and commitment to our Association. Ladd's personal ethics and strength of character helped build the reputation of and respect for the ISA in the world community of international scholars, and provided the ISA with a fundamental base of organizational stability and financial integrity. This award will be given in recognition of a member's significant volunteer contribution to the ISA.

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