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UMN course in Nepal spring 2013

Program Information Nepal Brochure FINAL.pdf
Earn 16 credits through a semester long study abroad program which includes the local language and culture of Nepal. The course offers field trips and research connected with experiential learning. This international semester program includes two pre-departure meetings.

The program is expected to fulfill major requirements of (pending approval):
 Fisheries and Wildlife (FW)
 Forest Resources (FR)
 Envir. Sciences, Policy & Mgmt. (ESPM)

Dates & Program Cost
 Spring Semester (Jan -May 2013)
 Spring break: trekking, rafting; yoga retreat
 Cost TBD but affordable
 Financial aid & scholarships available

J. L. David Smith (jlds(at)umn.edu)
Dean Current (curre0023(at)umn.edu)
Narayan Dhakal (dhak0002(at)umn.edu)
Bhim Gurung (guru002(at)umn.edu)
Nepalese professors

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