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MDP team met with HHH alum Amb. DeLisi in Nepal (Blog)

The Humphrey School's MDP Team Nepal (Nadine Habeel, Colleen Waterston, and Jose Molina as pictured) met with UMN Humphrey alum, Ambassador Scott DeLisi.


"Today, we had the honor of meeting the US Ambassador to Nepal, Scott DeLisi.  He received a joint degree in law and public affairs from the University of Minnesota and Humphrey School.  It's exciting to think that he sat in the same classrooms as us, and is now in such a respectable position of diplomacy.  He graciously spent an hour with us, discussing his experiences over the past couple years and offering insight into our work in Nepal.  In just a couple weeks he leaves for Washington DC before taking on his new assignment in Uganda.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet him before he left.  Quite the afternoon for Team Nepal!"

This summer, Colleen, Jose, and Nadine are creating value chain analyses of three Non-Timber Forest Products: lokta paper, allo and the essential oil wintergreen.  They are are partnered with the local organizations: ForestAction, FECOFUN and ANSAB.

Follow their field experience at: http://threescompanynepal.com/

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