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The Humphrey Alumni Mentor Program: Building the next generation, one leader at a time

We are beginning the 26th year of the Humphrey Alumni Mentor Program with the addition of a newly redesigned Global Mentor Program to our ongoing local domestic mentor program.

We expect to connect about 125 Humphrey students to mentors in Minnesota and around the world. The mentor programs begin in October and continue to the end of the school year in May. Mentors and students are asked to connect at least once a month, in person (if local) or by email, phone or skype if global. Mentors and students exchange ideas and information about careers they both find interesting and also have a chance to connect with other mentors and students who share their interests. This is a grand forum for networking in the Humphrey professional community.

DOING POLICY OR PLANNING WORK IN MINNESOTA? Please contact Lynne Schuman (schum001(at)umn.edu) or Jane Vega (vegax004(at)umn.edu) if you are interested in mentoring a Humphrey student.

DOING INTERNATIONAL WORK, IN THE US OR ABROAD? If you would like to be a Global Mentor, contact Lynne or Jane at the emails above.

We would love to hear from you, preferably by mid-to-late July. Have questions? Let us know that, too.

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