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MPP candidate Gabilondo researching sustainable housing in Mexico City.

Ana1.JPGFrom Ana Isabel Gabilondo, second year MPP at the HHH:

I'm doing an internship in Mexico City, Mexico, with Fundacion IDEA. Fundacion IDEA is one of Mexico's first public policy think tanks. Its mission is to design and promote innovative public policies for Mexico that create equal access to opportunities.

I'm working on a sustainable housing project. My main responsibility is to create an informational/research publication to be distributed to government institutions (local, state and federal), the private, public and international housing sector (developers, planners), scholars and the general public that summarizes, in its first part, all the efforts done towards greening social housing in Mexico.

Due to the tremendous success of projects like Hipoteca Verde (Green Mortgage) and Esta es tu Casa (This is Your Home) Mexico can only look forward to a more comprehensive sustainable housing for the generations to come. The second part of the document is to communicate the efforts of unification and collaboration within the different actors (national and international) of the housing sector; and the standardization of methodology, criteria and evaluation of sustainable housing in Mexico. And, the third part is to translate how all these new strategies of unification work together towards more ambitious objectives with a common vision for the future while keeping in mind that the citizen, the inhabitant of the home, is the number one priority. The Mexican homeowner should not only live in a green home/community but also have close access to transportation, education, health, community centers, etc. Too much info? That's because I'm loving it and I'm obviously fully emerged in the project. If you have any questions, suggestions or you just want to say hi, please email me at gabil002(at)umn.edu.

Needless to say, I'm enjoying my work greatly and I'm learning so much not only about energy efficiency, sector collaboration and clean environment programs, but of Mexico City! It's gorgeous and I've had some time on the weekends to visit the surroundings that are equally fun.

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