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Update from MPP Olson in Mozambique

olson.jpg MPP Student and Stassen International Grant recipient Rebecca Olson has returned to Mozambique to provide nutritional support to malnourished HIV patients on ARV's and pregnant and lactating women (PLW) (and their infants at risk) in order to improve their health status and treatment adherence. She is also working to support the Mozambique national action plan to reduce chronic malnutrition among children, including representing the WFP at UN Team on AIDS in Mozambique (UNTAM) meetings as well as provide qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis for the Programa de Reabilitacao Nacional (PRN) and Cesta Basica programs.

Of her work with CARE International, Olson writes, "My trip and work with CARE went really well. I enjoyed every second of my time spent in Mozambique, not only because Mozambican people are incredibly generous and kind, but the pregnant women we worked with also place a high value on their health and the health of the babies, and in turn were receptive to the work we were doing. My main contributions mainly came in the form of managing and conducting interviews with mothers, pregnant women, health care workers, and community leaders (about 100); as well as the creation and implementation of a new data collection instrument in 4 rural health centers in order to track HIV+ pregnant women and their babies from pre-natal consultations to maternity to child at risk consultations."

More updates to come!

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