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Volunteers/Interns for DeltaWomen

Deltawomen is seeking volunteers to assist in systemic research projects in pertinence to Financial Inclusion of Women and inculcating awareness on the issue in developing countries. http://deltawomen.org/

Delta Women has a four-part vision that helps guide its course:

§ To be a contributory force in the emancipation of women by helping them cope with the rigors of the 21st century.

§ To assist in the dispensing of myths that have held women bound to the shackles of the past.

§ To encourage women's voices to be heard and respected by all.

§ To lift the profile of Delta Women and enable them to take a seat in driving the Delta State and Nigeria forward.

DeltaWomen is looking to work on issues relating to the emancipation of women in developing countries through systematic research and awareness inculcation. In the process, we are looking to analyse current situation and pitfalls in the world of finance and women, and to establish a cross-current of information that would be able to discuss the potential options and opportunities, to create awareness and to explore potential opportunities with NGOs for enhancing financial inclusion. The culminating end product would be the production of fully authored and researched papers on different topics of financial inclusion and women. We expect, in the long run, to consolidate our findings and reports into a downloadable E-book, and later evaluate other NGOs and financial organizations to collaborate them towards furthering financial inclusion of women.

Volunteers will work as a team with an existing core team and write the entire scripts of all the chapters/research papers by themselves. The final product will be produced in DeltaWomen's name, although each author will be ascribed due credit for his or her contributions.

If interested, write into ereed(at)deltawomen.org with your resume and writing sample, with "Financial Inclusion Project" in the subject line.

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