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FAO vacancies

There are several positions with FAO that have been announced recently which may be of interest. http://www.fao.org/employment/current-vacancies/project/en/

Policy Officer P4 TCSP-822-12-PRJ Rome, Italy

Chief Technical Advisor P4 TCSP-821-12-PRJ Abuja, Nigeria

Agricultural Economist (Institutions) P3 TCSP-820-12-PRJ Abuja, Nigeria

Forestry Officer (REDD+) P3 FOM-815-12-PRJ Colombo, Sri Lanka

Project Coordinator (International Food and Nutrition Security and Right to Food Expert) P4 ESA-825-12-PRJ Freetown, Sierra Leone

Chief Technical Advisor (Food Safety) P5 FAOBD-824-12-PRJ Dhaka, Bangladesh

Project Coordinator P4 RAP-819-12-PRJ Bangkok, Thailand

Food Safety Officer (Food Safety Laboratory) P4 FAOBD-823-12-PRJ Dhaka, Bangladesh

Programme Specialist - Implementation Review and Support System (IRSS) P4 AGP-818-12-PRJ Rome, Italy

Chief Technical Adviser FAO-Somalia Water and Land Information Management System (FAO-SWALIM) P5 VA-813-12-PRJ-TCEO Nairobi, Kenya

Nutrition Analyst (Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit) P4 VA-812-12-PRJ-TCEO Nairobi, Kenya

Programme Officer P3 FOM-816-12-PRJ Rome, Italy

sent by Britta Lilley Hansen, Specialist -Regional Centers of Innovation
Horticulture CRSP, University of California, Davis

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