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HHH fall term course (online) Immigrant Health Issues

Immigrant Health Issues PA 5451
An on-line course for graduate students interested in Public Policy, Education, Public Health, Nursing, Social Work, Pharmacy and related fields. The course may be taken for 3 or 4 graduate credits (4 credits with a final project; 3 credits without final project).

The demography of American communities is changing dramatically, but many of our institutions have not kept pace with the needs of new African, Asian, Eastern European and Latino residents. Health care and social service providers used to treating European-origin families and some Latino residents are suddenly seeing refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Laos, Bosnia, Cambodia and the Sudan. In order to meet the needs of these new residents, it is imperative for providers and policy makers to understand the context and motives for immigration, as well as the characteristics and belief systems of their clients.

Robin Councilman, M.D.
Family Medicine/Community Health

Health care providers; policymakers; community agency professionals; students in public health, medicine, nursing, social work, public affairs, education, or the social sciences

Course Goals
Students taking this course will gain an understanding of the characteristics of immigrants and their families in the United States, major health needs, principles of cultural competence in service provision, and tools for effective advocacy.

Community Work
The key to becoming "culturally competent" is to go into the community to meet and learn from the residents you hope to serve. Community visits, observations, and interviews are an essential (and fun!) component of the course and the credit requirements.

Course Objectives
• Acquire research skills to access demographic, health and background information on immigrants in the U.S.
• Understand the major characteristics and health needs of new immigrants
• Design "culturally competent" health programs

Katherine Fennelly
University of Minnesota
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
University of Minnesota
Room 261, 301 19th Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Founding Member, Scholars Strategy Network
University of Minnesota

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