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Minneapolis NGO Siberian Bridges info session Oct 6


Contact info(at)siberianbridges.org

Welcome to Siberian Bridges, Inc.

Siberian Bridges, Inc. (SB-US), formerly Musical Bridges, Inc., is a non-profit educational and cultural exchange organization promoting awareness of cities and rural areas in the part of eastern Siberia called Zabaikalye. We are one of the longest standing Western cultural exchange organizations devoted to serving these isolated communities.

Our mission is accomplished by fostering cultural and educational exchanges and networking opportunities.Most important to our work is the establishment of Siberian Bridges - Russia, a partner NGO registered in Chita, Russia in October 2008.

Currently, Siberian Bridges is pursuing the following projects:
Tourism to introduce Americans to nature travel in Zabaikalye, including the Dauria Nature Preserve, crane habitat, the birth place of Genghis Khan, and Mt. Alkhanai National Park which is one of the sacred sites of Tibetan Buddhism;
Support for the children's home in the remote town of Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky;
Provision of books about or from the upper Midwest to the Pushkin Library, Zabaikalye's main library.

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