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Miss.org seeking Fall intern (based in Twin Cities)

Miss.org Micro-credit Initiative Supporting Senegal Communications and Contributing Editor Intern Duration: 6 months
Deadline for application 9/29/12

Our Mission
Empowerment: With rural Senegalese women as our focus, we are transforming lives by transcending barriers.

Education: By providing her with access to small business micro-loans and business skills, she ultimately thrives among her family and in her community.

Entrepreneurship: Miss.org recognizes that encouraging social entrepreneurship among women creates measurable impact.

Applications are reviewed continuously upon arrival; therefore application as soon as possible is advisable. Please apply in writing, including a CV and letter of motivation to: director(at)visitmiss.org

Your letter of motivation should include a description of your expectations of the internship and a description of your main interests. Please also specify when you would like/when are you able to start/end the internship.

Visit our social media at: www.facebook.com/miss.org


Once approved, intern evaluation is ongoing. Weekly communication between ED and intern steers activities in appropriate directions and allows for alterations if the interests of the intern or the Miss.org changes. At the conclusion of the internship, the ED will prepare a formal written evaluation of the intern's work, experience, and overall contribution.

Specific duties & responsibilities including, but may not be limited to:

Researching and writing press releases
Assistance in redesign of website
Monitoring daily news reports from media outlets pertaning to gender, micro-finance and West Africa
Communicating each week by e-mail to ED
Communicating the organizations mission to media outlets
Researching and monitoring similar sites for news and potential collaboration
Writing a bi-weekly blog for future reference
Coordinating with ED to ensure that all communications--have a consistent (approved) message.
Assistance in design of collateral materials

Career Resources

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