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HHH students: capstone proposals available for 2012-2013 global policy capstone course

This is course is open to all Humphrey students who have fulfilled core requirements.

Team formation & capstone client selection process for the 2012-2013 global policy area and Master of Development Practice capstone course

We have 15 proposals available for this class:

1. Advocates for Human Rights, NGO based in Minneapolis and focused on HR
2. Africa Classroom Connection, NGO based in Minneapolis and working in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
3. American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa (ARAHA), Columbia Heights MN based NGO working focused on development projects in Horn region of Africa
4. Books for Africa (BFA), Saint Paul based NGO that delivers educational materials throughout the continent of Africa
5. Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), NGO based in Minneapolis working around the world
6. Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN), health care provider in Niamey, Niger (travel may be required)
7. Global Citizen's Network (GCN), NGO based in Minneapolis working throughout the world
8. Global Deaf Connection (GDF), NGO based in Bloomington MN for a project in
Jamaica (travel may be required)
9. Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP) at the University of California, Davis on a partnership project with USAID
10. Integrated Youth Volunteer Foundation (IYVF), NGO based in Bamenda Cameroon focused on children with disabilities (travel may be required)
11. Shelter For Life (SFL), NGO based in Minnetonka focused on humanitarian relief
12. Trees That Feed Foundation (TTFF), NGO based in Winnetka, Illinois working on food security mostly in tropical regions (travel to Illinois may be required)
13. University of Minnesota Extension, based in Saint Paul and working throughout the state (travel within Minnesota may be required)
14. World Savvy, NGO based in San Francisco and Minneapolis and focused on
global education in the US
15. HelpAge USA, NGO based in Washington DC and focused on issues facing older people in middle and low income countries around the world.

The 15 proposals together with are available for review in a Google Docs folder set up by Chavanne Peercy. Students registered for the MDP or global policy capstone class will be given automatic access to the folder. If you are not registered, but would like to review the project proposals, please email Dr. Peercy or myself directly to request access.

Please review each project carefully and note the mission of the organization, the particular project(s) for which this proposal is directed, the requested proposed capstone project/research question and deliverable(s), the skills and inputs that might be required, and any extra requirements (travel, special deadlines). Dr. Peercy and I plan to form teams of 3 to 5 persons each, depending upon the needs of the client and the size of the project.

Please note that the client proposal is the starting point for negotiation and planning your work with a client organization. In every case, the capstone team will negotiate work plans (scope of work) and memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the client and through that process the project may change significantly as each side learns the needs and capabilities of the other (all previous projects have been significantly changed from the proposal stage to the MOA stage). In many cases, only a part of what has been proposed will be possible in the framework of an academic semester.

Please email one of us any questions, no matter how small, and we will try to answer quickly.

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