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Prof. Fennelly teaching Intercultural Communication, spring 2013

*NEW THIS SPRING: Web-based course (with two face-to-face workshops) on
Intercultural Competence*

*Brief Description

* *Courses and experiences that enhance students' abilities to work and interact effectively with diverse populations are essential components of graduate programs in public affairs. They are at the heart of PA 5920 (003), "Intercultural Competence", a course for graduate students and international fellows. The course design engages participants in analyzing readings, films and exchanges with classmates, as well as
researching their own ancestries, and learning to apply skills in intercultural competence to organizational and personal assessments.

The class is primarily web-based, with research, reading, and web interactions with classmates and the instructor. We will meet face-to-face twice during the semester for day-long workshops: once on Feb 15, 2013, and again on April 26, 2013. The first workshop engages students in an investigation of your own ancestries, or--for international students-- the ancestry of someone who shares your national origin. To do this we will work with archives at the Immigration History Research Center at the U of
M. At the end of the day we will have a reception for course participants.

The April workshop will be a visit and analysis of the role of cross-cultural communication in facilitating or impeding community development projects. For this we will spend the day at Mid-town Global Market in Minneapolis, listening to a panel of experts, having lunch, and interviewing immigrant entrepreneurs who own businesses at the market.

Katherine Fennelly
University of Minnesota
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Room 261, 301 19th Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55455
tel: 612-625-6685

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