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PRS Legislative Research Internship Programme 2013 (New Delhi, India)

PRS Legislative Research (PRS), based in New Delhi, India, announces its annual internship programme that offers internship positions to interested students. The internship programme is an opportunity for students interested in policy debates and functioning of Parliament in India.

About PRS Legislative Research:
PRS is a New Delhi-based independent research initiative that aims to strengthen the legislative process in India by making it better informed, more transparent and participatory. Founded in 2005, PRS is the first initiative of its kind in India.

The Indian Parliament, on an average, passes 60 Bills a year. Each Member of Parliament (MP) represents a constituency of close to two million people. However, MPs in India have no dedicated research staff or institutional support to focus on their research needs or give them basic information about issues at hand. PRS strengthens the legislative debate by providing non-partisan, easy-to-use, topical analysis of key issues through regular briefings to political parties and MPs on Bills and other matters that come up for debate in Parliament.

PRS tracks the functioning of Parliament closely. PRS also works with the media and civil society groups to create and augment channels of citizen engagement with the legislative process.

For more information, please visit http://www.prsindia.org

Project Description:
The core focus of the work of PRS is to demystify legislation and the lawmaking process, and to disseminate information about them to MPs and civil society. The internship projects will vary depending on the issues that come up for debate when the Parliament is in session, the needs of PRS and the interests of the intern. A few of these could include:

• International comparative law inputs: PRS prepares short Legislative Briefs on a number of Bills that are introduced in Parliament each year. Often, PRS looks for comparable legislation in other countries for the Bills that PRS is working on.
Role: Interns could identify some sectors (such as education, tribal rights, competition laws, etc.) and compile laws demonstrating how similar issues are addressed in other countries.

• Conference Research Papers: PRS holds an annual conference on Effective Legislatures on topics related to Parliament and parliamentary performance. The conferences have examined issues including Campaign Finance Reform, Measuring the Effectiveness of Parliament, Impact of the Anti-Defection Law and Balance of power between the Executive and Legislature. All conference participants receive background papers on each of the topics. These outline the context of the systemic issues in India along with providing examples of best practice from other democratic systems.
Role: Interns would be expected to prepare a detailed concept note that will be used to brief participants and guide the discussion at the conference in 2013.

• Issue-based research: PRS Analysts work on research inputs across various subjects for Parliamentarians. This research feeds into the work of PRS on legislation as well
Role: Interns would be expected to provide research assistance to Analysts as and when is required by them.

Working at PRS:
The PRS staff comprises a dedicated team of professionals with different areas of expertise including law, economics, political science, engineering and communication. The intern will be working out of the PRS office. The project will provide exposure to and involvement in the legislative process in India. It will also provide an opportunity to meet NGO activists, journalists, lawyers etc. in India. The duration of the internship will be six-eight weeks. The dates can be adjusted depending on the intern's university schedule.

While the intern will be exposed to a number of PRS projects, each intern will be assigned one or two focused projects for the duration of the internship. The intern will be expected to assume regular business hours (9am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday). The intern will be provided with office space in the PRS office for the duration of the internship.

• Strong writing skills
• Strong analytical skills
• Academic background in Political Science, Public Policy, Economics, Law and related disciplines

Compensation: Unpaid.

Approximate Expenses:

• Rent: Rs. 10,000- 15,000 per month
• Transport: Rs 100 per day
• Meals: Rs 5,000- 7,000 per month

Application requirements:
Please submit resume and cover letter via email to internship@prsindia.org

Deadline and timeline: All internship positions for 2012 have been filled. We will be accepting internship applications for 2013. We may conduct telephonic interviews before we make final decisions.

Contact Information: www.prsindia.org
PRS Legislative Research
Center for Policy Research
Dharma Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021, INDIA
Phone: +91 11 2410 6720

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