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Fall 2012 IPID Student Speaker Conference

**Fall 2012 IPID Student Speaker Conference**
Topic: The Global Food Crisis: Problems and Possibilities
Friday, November 16th, 2012
Location: Walter Library Rm 101,

University of Minnesota East Bank

RSVP at http://ipidglobalfood.eventbrite.com

We will provide free food from AfroDeli for dinner!

 (Please RSVP so we can plan accordingly!)

Our topic for the conference is The Global Food Crisis: Problems and Possibilities. Our six student speakers and their presentation titles are below.

For more information regarding the schedule please check out the IPID website early next week (http://blog.lib.umn.edu/ipid/ipid/).

Each speaker will give a 15-20 minute presentation based on theirs research, followed by a brief Q&A. After all speakers have made their presentations, there will be a moderated panel session with all presenters and open discussion to tie together the ideas presented. The panel session will explore links between speakers' presentations and the value of taking an interdisciplinary approach to this theme.

"Dynamic General Equilibrium Growth Model of Zambian Food Marketing Channels"
Andrew Larson, Applied Economics

"Re-­Defining Yields: The Impact of Diet Preference on Agricultural Productivity "
Emily Cassidy, Natural Resources Science

"The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Large Scale Agricultural Lands on the Right to Food: The Case of Ethiopia."
Girmachew Aneme (Humphrey Fellow), Law School

"Development of Perennial Sunflower to Provide Food and Ecosystem Services"
Michael Kantar, Agronomy and Plant Genetics

Title TBD (Discussing agricultural production and the effects of market access on smallholders in sub-Saharan Africa)
Ali Bittinger, Applied Economics

Title TBD (Discussing the role of breadfruit in global food security)
Daniel Backman and JB Scherpelz, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tatyana Venegas Swanson

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