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Nov 16 ICGC Brown Bag-- "Little and Little Fills a Measure: Family Adaptive Strategies in Rural Tanzania"

ICGC Brown Bag
Friday, 11/16/12, 12:00 noon, 537 Heller Hall

"Little and little fills a measure:
Family Adaptive Strategies in Rural Tanzania"

Presented by: June Msechu
Department of Sociology

Thumbnail image for Screen Shot 2012-11-13 at 12.29.21 PM.pngA good deal of literature, both in the popular press and in academia, portrays Africa and Africans as subject to devastations wrought by large-scale structural forces beyond their control. From the HIV/AIDS pandemic to the IMF and World Bank interventions, we are bombarded with images of Africans as victims of these large-scale forces, exercising little agency in the face of daunting challenges to their lives and livelihoods. A similar perspective regarding victims unable to exercise agency often informs assumptions about the elderly and their families. My talk explores the question of whether elderly Africans are in fact devoid of agency to confront the challenges they face. Using evidence from ethnographic work in rural Tanzania, I examine the ways that elderly people in four rural villages have dealt with diverse challenges facing them and their households.

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