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Report from IPID conference on the Global Food Crisis

The Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development group (IPID), supported by Global Spotlight and GPSA, held its biannual student research conference this past Friday, November 16th in the Walter Library. This semester the topic was the Global Food Crisis. Departments represented by the six presenters included Applied Economics, Natural Resource Science, the Law School, Agronomy and Plant Genetics, and Development Practice. They each shared research they have been working on that relates to the topic.


Their areas of research covered very diverse perspectives; from examining government policies and their relation to farming practices in Ethiopia, to research into crops that are both environmentally beneficial and economically valuable, to looking at calories of food produced versus calories consumed to identify inefficient production problems, and even new agricultural market options to help small farmers. There was a very good turnout of around 50 people who asked insightful and pointed questions of each of the speakers. After the speakers presented their work there was a delicious meal catered by AfroDeli, after which there was a group discussion about the potential for humans to deal with the future problems of food and population growth.

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