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MDP Candidate Peter Ehresman awarded Boren Fellowship

Peter Ehresmann Photo.jpg (Homepage Feature)Peter Ehresman is a MDP student currently living, studying, and working in Beijing. He has been awarded a Boren Fellowship.

The Boren Fellowship consists of two main components: language study and research. I have lived in China for four years teaching English at universities while studying Mandarin on my own. The Boren will allow me to focus on language study to make the difficult leap from intermediate to advanced ability. I chose study advanced Mandarin at Tsinghua University in Beijing because Tsinghua is the home of the Chinese Global MDP program, part of the Global MDP Consortium that I am a part of with the University of Minnesota. While at Tsinghua, I will associate with the MDP students and faculty (most from developing countries, especially Africa) and conduct interviews and focus groups with both students and professors to learn more about China's development strategies that they think are especially well-suited to the African context. This happens to actually be a focus of the Tsinghua MDP program. Overall, I will be continuing my research into China's expansion in Africa and the implications for US development strategies there, building off of my presidential review paper for National Security Policy class which led to an op-ed piece that I was fortunate to have published in the Liberian Journal: http://www.theliberianjournal.com/index.php?st=news&sbst=details&rid=2405&comesOfTheHome=1

Peter can be found on Linked In.

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