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Last Call for Winter Seminar, Israel 2012-13

The "Two Nations & Three Religions in Israel and Palestine "programme focuses on the Jewish/Christian/Islam religious their roots in Israel and relations and Israeli - Palestinian conflict, background and current situation.

The programme begins with an overview of the Land of Israel-Palestine region, presenting the historical background of the region, as well as an overview of social and economic conditions, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The lectures are supplemented by Study Tours to enable students to experience these issues at first hand.
The duration of the programme is twelve days and it is very intensive; comprising 80 academic hours of lectures by Palestinian and Israeli academic and experts, offering their respective points of view. In addition, Study Tours to historical sites and will offer the students additional first hand experience of the region.

For more info, visit: http://www.emuni.si/en/novice/id_871

This announcement is forwarded as a service to our students. The University of Minnesota does not endorse this program or opportunity. Students interested in participation are encouraged to carefully review the program, explore references from past participants and make an informed personal decision regarding participation.

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