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Call for Applications: Arab Water Governance studies in Berlin as part of Erasmus Mundus

Arab Water Governance studies in Berlin as part of Erasmus Mundus
Deadline: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arab politicians, scientist and governmental advisors have become increasingly aware of the situation. Changing patterns of domestic need, population growth changes in agricultural practices, new irrigation schemes, water pricing, water sector reforms, decentralisation, Integrated Water Resource Management and participation are some of the buzzwords that have marked recent developments in the regions but their actual effects and underlying drivers are in fact often unclear.

Potential topic areas:

•Understanding and evaluating recent reforms in water governance in the region from an institutionalist and governance perspective, with a focus on, for example:
•private sector participation, decentralisation
•irrigation management reform, groundwater and surface water
•pollution governance,
•participation, new water management and planning regimes
•initiatives to introduce collective or collaborative water management at the level of single irrigation schemes, groundwaters or (sub-)basins
•management of the water - land use - agriculture nexus
•implications of renewable energy production schemes for water management.
•Understanding and evaluating the implications of climate change for water governance.
•Understanding and explaining cross regional disparities in performance with the aim of deriving determinant factors.

The implementation of this research line in its first phase will extend over four years (2013-2016). Research and teaching activities shall be combined wherever possible, and preferably should apply interdisciplinary approaches.

•Who should apply?
Proposals are welcome from students (Diploma, Master, Candidates of science/PhD, Post-Docs) and scholars from all participating universities and beyond. Local studies and projects in the region and Master thesis to be developed together with scientific supervisors familiar with the subject are welcome! Similarly, students and scholars from Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and German students wishing to join Humboldt Universität for their thesis work are invited to develop appropriate projects and to submit their application.

•How to apply?
Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and Master students with interest to work on the above and related questions are requested to submit their applications. Doctoral and postdoctoral students should provide a 1200 max. words research proposal that outlines a problem settings, research questions, research design and methodology and a motivation letter; requirement for admission to doctoral studies at Humboldt is a degree equivalent to a German Master's degree concluded with "good" as final mark - please provide copies of certificates of previous degrees as part of your application; Master students should provide a motivation letter and a brief topic idea for potential research)

In case of further questions, please contact:

•Prof. Dr. Andreas Thiel: Email: a.thiel(at)hu-berlin.de, heading the research group on Environmental Governance at Humboldt with scientific interest in the transformation of water governance, natural resource management and climate change policy (http://www.environmental-governance.hu-berlin.de/)
•Prof. Dr. Matthias Weiter, e-mail: matthiasweiter(at)googlemail.com Active in technology and resource management in the tropics and subtropics working towards a bilateral masters program "Integrated Water Resources Management".(http://www.agrar.hu-berlin.de/fakultaet/departments/daoe/ihe/Mitarb)
Humboldt Universität zu Berlin offers its collaboration to the best projects. Students might be involved, upon their selection in the EM "Peace" or "Al Fihri" call, in English language Master courses such as "Integrated Natural Resource Management", "Agricultural Economics" or "International ERASMUS Mundus Master in Rural Development" at Humboldt Universität for one or two semesters or for studying towards a Master degree at HU, visiting scholars could be invited for doctoral or post-doctoral research.

For further information on the application procedure contact the coordinator of the consortium alfihri(at)deusto.es and at Humboldt-Universität erasmus.mundus(at)hu-berlin.de
Please, also check this website www.international.hu-berlin.de/erasmusmundus

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This material cross posted from Peace & Collaborative Development Network.

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