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Policy, Planning, and Development in China Course

China course in Shenzhen.jpg

Policy, Planning and Development in Urban China students pictured in Shenzhen China.

Course ending January 18 in Hong Kong, after nearly three weeks studying China's rapid urban development in Shanghai/Pudong, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Students rode the high-speed rail as well as a conventional overnight train, traveled by subway through rush hour Beijing, and endured the incredible air pollution event of Beijing last week. They crossed the border between China and Hong Kong on foot, learning both how open and not open that border can be, toured an urban village in Shenzhen (village surrounded by the city but not yet developed), listened to lectures from faculty in Tsinghua University in Beijing, Tongji University in Shanghai, and City University in Hong Kong. The class was hosted by the Beijing Municipal and Pudong Municipal Planning and Development agencies and received briefings on the urban growth plan for both cities. A large Chinese state-owned enterprise also gave briefings (in Shanghai) and city tour (in Shenzhen) on current real estate development. And design former Humphrey Fellow Shen Ming hosted the group to her start-up NGO targeted at Chinese youth, BlackApple.

Humphrey School faculty traveled with the group for all or part of the course. Samuel Myers Jr. met the group in Hong Kong and lectured on inequality in China's development, Greta Friedemann-Sánchez was with the group for the entire trip and she led a seminar giving a background to the field of development and then current issues in the field, Jerry Zhao was with the group in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong and presented on how China is financing current development, and Sherry Gray was with the group throughout the trip and outlined for the group the historical background to China's developmental models. David Blaney, Macalester College, also traveled with the group and lectured on the East Asian Developmental State model and how it relates to China's current development plan.

The group was comprised of 20 students, 6 MPA, 6 MPP, and 7 undergraduates (representing a wide variety of majors, including information management, global studies, landscape architecture, political science, economics among others).

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